• Rita LeBay - Choked to death by Christine.
  • Veronica LeBay - Choked to by Christine.
  • Roland D. LeBay - Choked to death by Christine.
  • Tommy Deckinger - Murdered by Christine.
  • Police Officer - Killed in car chair by Christine
  • Moochie Wells - Crushed by Christine.
  • Rich Cholony - Hit/crushed with car/blown up by Christine.
  • Don Vandenberg - Explosion house by Christine.
  • Buddy Repperton - Burned alive by Christine.
  • Will Darnell - Crushed by Christine.
  • Regina Cunningham - Murdered by Christine.
  • Michael Cunningham - Murdered by Christine.
  • Arnie Cunningham - Impaled and heart attack by Christine.

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