Victims Edit

  1. Mrs. O'Grady: Pushed down the stairs and neck was broken.
  2. Joe: Leg bitten and chest stomped 15 times with Pogo Stick.
  3. Deputy Tripet: Clawed in face and neck snapped.
  4. Daniel O'Grady: Mauled and mangled. Off-screen.
  5. William O'Day: Lifted and neck snapped by magical collar.
  6. Ian: Tricked via illusion into sticking his face in lawnmower and sliced, later hung from a door.
  7. Waiter: Hands pinned to countertop with forks and face scalded with Coffee Steamer.
  8. Morty Ingalls: Pot of gold materialized in his stomach and ripped open.
  9. Security Guard: Rundown twice by Go-Kart.
  10. Gupta: Ear and toe bitten off, arm shot with arrow via magic, beaten with shillelagh/baseball bat and strangled with phone cord.
  11. Mitch: Electrocuted by robot.
  12. Arthur: Beaten to death with a Shillelagh.
  13. Tony: Eye gouged out and beaten with Shillelagh.
  14. Loretta: Exploded by inflation via magic.
  15. Morgue Attendant: 5 Medical tools in chest.
  16. Fazio: Trapped in box and cut in half with a Chainsaw.
  17. Private Lucky: Hacked to bits with Lightsaber.
  18. Private Kowalski: Bursts out of groin.
  19. Private Mooch: Stripped to Skeleton by flesh-eating bacteria.
  20. Private Danny: Crushed underneath a metal box.
  21. Private Dolores Costello: Pushed off catwalk.
  22. Harold: Head crushed flat against wall by frying pan.
  23. Slug: Afro pick in throat.
  24. Bartender: Electrocuted through microphone stand.
  25. Jackie Dee: Slammed 7 times against car by spectral woman. Off-screen.
  26. Chow Yung Pi: Strangled and ripped to pieces. Off-screen.
  27. Fontaine Rivera: Killed.
  28. Bodyguard: Heart blown up via magic.
  29. Jesus: Killed.
  30. Reverend Hanson: Hand through back and out of stomach.
  31. Stray Bullet: Forced to shoot in throat with handgun via magic. Off-screen.
  32. Girl: Unknown. Off-screen.
  33. Mack Daddy O'Nasses: Finger ripped out, chest shot 3 times with handgun and insides blown up via magic.
  34. Knight: Swarmed/mauled
  35. Stoner: Impaled through chest with Bong.
  36. Doria: Neck snapped.
  37. Lisa Duncan: Clawed in stomach.
  38. Chanel: Gold tooth ripped out and mandible ripped out. Off-screen.
  39. Officer Thompson: Chest impaled with flashlight.
  40. Officer Whitaker: Leg ripped off.
  41. Watson: Hand in chest and heart ripped open.
  42. Henchman: Killed
  43. Henchman: Killed
  44. Cedric: Clawed in throat.
  45. Esmerelda: Killed.
  46. Francois: Finger bitten off and Mauled to death
  47. Catherine: Mauled
  48. Irish Farmer: Killed
  49. Ian Joyce: Impaled
  50. Mary: Killed
  51. David: Leg Bitten and Mauled to death
  52. Jeni: Axe in the face
  53. Ben: Spine ripped off
  54. Hamish McConville: Mauled 
  55. Sean McConville: Killed

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