Pamela Voorhees

Pamela Voorhees as portrayed by Betsy Palmer

Pamela Voorhees is the mother of Jason Voorhees and the delusional, sadistic murderer in Friday the 13th. She was portrayed in Friday the 13th by Betsy Palmer.


  • Elias Voorhees: Axed to death.
  • Barry Jackson - Knifed in the stomach by Mrs. Voorhees.
  • Claudette Hayes - Knifed offscreen by Mrs. Voorhees.
  • Annie Phillips - Throat slit by Mrs. Voorhees.
  • Ned Rubenstein - Throat slit offscreen by Mrs. Voorhees.
  • Jack Marand - Stabbed through the throat from under the bed by Mrs. Voorhees.
  • Marcie Stanler - Hit in the face by Mrs. Voorhees with an axe.
  • Brenda Jones - Killed offscreen by Mrs. Voorhees.
  • Steve Christy - Stabbed in the stomach by Mrs. Voorhees.
  • Bill Brown - Shot by Mrs. Voorhees offscreen with arrows, pinning him to the door.
  • Swinburne - Repeatedly stabbed with a hunting knife
  • Judge - Repeatedly stabbed with a hunting knife
  • Agent Michelle Kyler - Tortured, possessed
  • Agent Cory Tolleson - Repeatedly shot with a handgun
  • Nathanial Morgas - Throat torn out, tortured
  • Kristen - Stomach impaled with machete

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