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Voice cast[edit] Charlie Adler - Rafael Jeff Altman - Professor Norman Dweeb Rodger Bumpass – Louis Tully Dave Coulier - Peter Venkman (season 3-7) Fay DeWitt - Mrs. Van Huego (season 4-7) Arsenio Hall - Winston Zeddemore (season 1-3)[n 1] Buster Jones - Winston Zeddemore (season 4-7) Maurice LaMarche - Egon Spengler Jeff Marder - Rudy Lorenzo Music - Peter Venkman (season 1-2) Alan Oppenheimer - Morris Grout, Goolem Kath Soucie - Janine Melnitz (season 3-7) Cree Summer – Chilly Cooper, Mrs. Stone Laura Summer - Janine Melnitz (season 1-2) Frank Welker – Ray Stantz, Slimer, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Mayor Lenny, Manx, Scareface

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